Teachers have birth days

I’m a birthday Grinch.

When students come in and tell me it’s someone’s (or their own) birthday, my response is usually: “You only have one birthday. All the other ones are just the anniversaries, marking a trip around the Sun, which 7 Billion people are doing every day.”

Groans. Eyes roll. Students get so bummed out that they probably tune out my point about celebrating one person on your birth day: Your mom, who did most of the work that day. (I was in the delivery room when my wife gave birth to our son. I’m still speechless)

Our Tech-Arts department has a tradition of celebrating department members’ birthdays. There’s going to be a cake, a card, and maybe even a song! I always feel weird when others celebrate my birthday, especially the song. What are you supposed to do? Sing along? Stand still? Smile like an idiot? All of the above?

I think it is nice that people want to celebrate something in my life, even though it usually reminds me of the day when I contributed nothing. At some level, I probably wish that my hard work in class should be the thing that is celebrated. But as twitter has taught me, many other teachers around the world are doing amazing things, everyday!

Like traveling around the Sun.


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