Teachers love to show off

Show off their students, that is.

I’ve been leading a group of students in a photography/yearbook class this semester. It was quite an experience. I learned just as much from my students as they did from me (if not more). We helped with the yearbook in between photography assignments. The students took head shots of the actors in the school play, decorated the student services office with photos from around the school, and got ideas from our memorable photography trip downtown to put on our own show! This entry is my “culminating project” to show off the students’ work.



Aakanksha’s Photography seems like a mash up of different pictures at first, but upon inspection you’ll find hidden gems, my favorites being her reflection about our field trip, and her fashion assignment in which she asked total strangers to pose for her!

Sara’s self created assignment on Ignorance was great. I loved her use of monochrome and directed her subjects to pose for her pictures. Hopefully she learned a lesson about directing teenagers!

Lora really took blogging to heart. She had mentioned to me that it was really cool to see that people have been checking out her photo-blog, and this made her want to do a good job with it (intrinsic motivation, a teacher’s holy grail). In it, she posted some interesting treasures when we do “photo scavenger hunts” in class.

Miranda chose to try wedding photography when she created her own assignment. It looks like she made her subjects feel at ease and her reflections tells us that some poses are more difficult than others!

The head of our student services department gave us a great idea for an assignment: Pictures of the school and activities within it! Rachel did a great job capturing different scenes and scenery in the school. She is also going to be an asset when we need her to do layouts for next year’s book!

Samiha wrote a great synopsis of our field trip to the Contact Photography Festival. It really was a great day for all of us. Samiha really loves taking photos and she was taking photos non stop the whole day. I can still hear her chasing me down the street saying “Sir! Take a look at this one got!”

Taleivee is very quiet in class. I thought it fit her personality when she created the shadows assignment. She tells me (when she wrote in my yearbook) that she’s not always quiet and that she can be quite chatty sometimes. Perhaps I interpreted her demeanor in class differently, just like shadows can represent different things depending on your perspective.

Vanessa is a budding artist. She improved her technique throughout the year and it shows in her blog. My favorite picture was her subway shot from the assignment “Anti-Portraits” that she created. Vanessa says wants to take the course over again, but when I told her I’d have to fail her in order for it to happen, she passed on the idea.

Sweekruti is the de facto leader of the class. She’s always willing to help whenever it’s needed and not afraid to challenge me when I’m wrong. She’s also smart enough to have a battle of wits with me, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Her field trip pictures were not of the exhibits, but things that caught her eye along the way, including a nice group picture!

YanYan is Ms. Reliable. When she takes on a task, I don’t have to worry because I know it’ll be done, and done correctly! Her hard work is evident in her blog. Each entry is well thought out and reflects her learning. The photography is pretty good too!

Nethan is the most experienced and talented artist in our class. Check out his entry for our culminating project with some toy photography! Fantastic work. Now if he’d only submit his work on time! If there’s one thing that I learned in this class is that sometimes, you just can’t rush creativity.

Our project for the Student Services office

Our project for the Student Services office

Thank you present for doing head shots for the school play, Don Quixote

A thank you present from the drama teacher for taking head shots for the school play, Don Quixote


Our culminating project, "Relationships" photography show

Our culminating project, “Relationships” photography show


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