Teachers don’t need French

Recently I had a conversation with the head of the languages department. I was trying to convince her that we should abolish French from our school. My argument was two fold: French teachers are in short supply, and we don’t often use French anyway.

While she agrees with me in principle, it was naive of me to think that she would risk the rapport she has with her French-teaching colleagues.

I think it’s actually a facade she’s putting up in lieu of her true passion, to become an entrepreneur, own a chic boutique on a cul-de-sac that serves omelettes and croissants à la carte.  She talks about it like it’s a fait accompli.

I thought the problem with owning such an unique store is that it will quickly lose its cachet if she doesn’t have enough panache for the job. I suggested adding to her repertoire by doing something less risqué, such as starting a chauffeur business for clientele who love different genres of cinema that use montages to pay homage to our forte, teaching.

Her lassiez-faire attitude towards my ideas led me to believe that she is totally blasé about being a department head. I think I risked my derriere for nothing.

And that’s why we have to abolish French from our schools.