Teacher have confessions

When I said goodbye to my friends at my previous school, I had to get a few things* off my chest that I wasn’t very proud of. 

At the photocopier:

  • When the photocopier jams, I walk away and don’t tell anyone.
  • When someone is trying to fix a jam, I tell them I have a class so I don’t have to stay and help them
  • I only photocopy at 8:25 in the morning, right before the bell rings
  • If someone is making copies ahead of me, I tell them that I have a class so they let me go ahead of them (but I actually have prep).
  • When the person in front of me forgets to logout, I don’t tell them so I can use their code.


  • Those are my dishes in the sink (sorry!)
  • That’s my mouldy food in the fridge (sorry again!)
  • I don’t cover my food in the microwave (thanks for cleaning it up!)

Day to day things:

  • Yes, I did get your email
  • I can’t wait for some of my colleagues to leave the room so I can immediately gossip about them
  • I pretend to go to the washroom during staff meetings, but I actually go home
  • I have been to one department meeting in the last 5 years

Don’t blue page me:

  • I teach during lockdown drills
  • I am always the first person to leave my classroom when there’s a fire alarm
  • I let my students go early so I can catch my bus home
  • I make sure my class is quiet during morning announcements, only when I know I’ve put in an announcement to be read.
  • I act sad in front of the students when our team misses the playoffs, but I’m actually happy because I don’t have to stay late or come early to school anymore for games and practices.
  • When students ask me to supervise a club, I reject them by saying that I’m already supervising another club, only that club is completely made up.

My colleagues:

  • I tell students that teachers who don’t wear ties are unprofessional
  • When students complain about other teachers, I make them tell me who they are and usually agree with them.
  • Whenever I gossip about other teachers, I make sure the other people know who I’m talking about.
  • I always use the middle urinal
  • Whenever I’m alone in the science office and the phone rings, I don’t answer it.
  • I always make sure I learn supply teachers’ names so I can complain about them to the admin afterwards.
  • Sometimes I’m early for on calls, but I wait outside until I see the 1st half teacher calls the office before walking in.
  • During the strike, I only showed up during shift switch and tell the morning captain I’m in the afternoon shift and the afternoon captain I’m in the morning shift


  • When a student asks me something I don’t know, I pretend to know and ask them to Google it, then report to me tomorrow so I can verify if they’re correct.
  • Every time a student calls me sir or Mr. Fong in public, I give them a bonus mark
  • I sometimes buy cookies and muffins from the students, then throw it in the garbage afterwards.
  • I sometimes postpone a test because I forgot make it
  • I sometimes “grant” my students a study period because I don’t have a lesson planned

*Most of these are just jokes, I didn’t actually do these things. Most of them.


Apparently, I did do some of these (according to my students, who have better memories than I do)

And apparently, even as adults?


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